City Tour through Bremen on 19.11.2021

Sharepic City TourOn November 19, 2021, we took a guided tour of the city of Bremen.
Mentees from Fluchtraum Bremen e.V. participated.

The activity was co-organized by Buba and Saikou.
Buba and Saikou participate in Youth with Differnce.
They are both mentees.

Bouba and Saikou translated in Fullah and Mandinka during the city tour.

Gruppe  vor den Bremer StadtmusikantenThe city guide showed us known and unknown places in Bremen.
She told many interesting stories.
We also tried a Bremen specialty: Schnoorkuller.
This is a sweet with chocolate and nuts.


Empowerment Workshop: Zusammenleben Made in Germany on 28.08.2021

Sharepic vom Workshop

On August 28, 2021, we did an empowerment workshop.

We talked with the trainer Modou Diedhiou about different topics.
Topics were for example identity, life in Germany and our own goals.
We also talked about our self-awareness.
During the lunch break we ate pizza together and got to know each other.

We did the workshop in the youth center Buchte.
In the Buchte there is also the Beratungscafé (counseling café) of Fluchtraum Bremen e.V. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Many young people already know this place.

Saikou and Buba from the Youth with Difference team organized the workshop together with Hannah from Fluchtraum Bremen e.V.